All Killer No Filler

Christmas must be upon us with the Gourmet Traveller hamper release... A quirky selection from a lush Brillat Savarin  cheese by Didier Lincet (Champagne) to the almost cult McClure's Bloody Mary potato chips (Brooklyn). Compiled by SnowgooseWill Stud and GT. Nice to be part of the lineup, you can read more here.

The Telegraph UK - Cacao Stout

Thanks to the team from the Daily Telegraph UK for putting this piece on the Cacao Stout...Our collaboration with Eagle Bay Brewing Co. This beer is a must for any bucket list. You can see the film here.

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ABC Radio Interview - Vanuatu

An ABC radio interview about Vanuatu, the damage to the farms and the recovery. If all goes to plan, Bahen & Co will have a direct trade bar from the Merip Farm growers in the not too distinct future.

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Vanuatu Cocoa - The Film

The cacao farmers of Vanuatu have been on a push to build the reputation for superior quality of their cocoa beans.  Late last year we teamed up with ACIAR and ACTIV to hold the first annual chocolate competition for the cocoa growers of Vanuatu. The short film takes a behind the scenes look into this beautiful country [...]

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Bondi Harvest // Margaret River

Late last year we had the pleasure of meeting the team from Bondi Harvest. Why were they here in the West...?    The team was in town for the Gourmet Escape and a handful of satellite events. Included was an epic 5 course dinner with our regions produce. Here's a taste:

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Road Trip to Merip Farm

Making chocolate with only 2 ingredients – cacao and cane sugar – sounds simple.  But simple is not simplistic.  Simple can be hard.  Finding cacao of the finest quality can be hard.  These thoughts crossed our minds as the vehicle sat perched, quivering on the edge of the steep drop.  Staring into the dense valley [...]

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Vanuatu Chocolate Competition

This was no way to prepare palates for a tasting exercise. An early morning departure from Margaret River, Western Australia.  Midnight arrival in Port Vila, Vanuatu in the South Pacific.  Taste buds almost comatose from the assault of airline food and pressurization. Wires to the brain frayed by lack of sleep, time change and inane [...]

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Goran's workshop

In the past few years we've relied on the skills of many craftsmen to bring our dream to fruition. One being Serbian born Goran who runs a workshop in Italy. Many of the machines we find are antique and require skilful refurbishment before they can make chocolate once again.  We love workshops so here's a [...]

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The Cut Test

We use a bean guillotine to test random samples of each lot that hits our factory floor. This method provides us with a visual and sensory guide into the cacao.Selecting 50 random beans - the guillotine is loaded and a blade is driven between the beans. Upon opening we are given an insight into the cacao bloodline, level of [...]

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