These unique beans are sourced from a plantation found just outside Medang in the Morobe Province. The plantation sits in a deep alluvial valley enclosed by large mountain ranges on three sides. 

Much of the original cacao planted in PNG was derived from fine flavor varieties stemming from heritage Trinitario beans introduced by the colonial Germans from Samoa at the beginning of the 20th century. 

We believe it’s the combination of these heirloom genetics, well drained volcanic soils, regular rainfall with periods of hot dry weather and high standards of farming practices that make this bean so complex and special. 

Taste Descriptions: The chocolate is bright and luscious with flavours of strawberry cream, red fruit, vanilla and sweet pipe tobacco. 



This historic farm has produced since 1920.  Today it grows some of the finest flavoured aromatic cacao remaining on the planet. Situated upon rich fertile soils of the Sambirano Valley - the cacao produced here is often referred to by the locals as ‘green gold’. 

The farm has a unique combination of heirloom cacao, which originated from Venezuela and Mexico.  The genetics for the farm began their journey through the Pacific and across the Indian Ocean from the latter part of the 17th century. 

The farm practices modern box fermentation techniques with slow sun drying to complete the post harvest which ensures maximum flavour development. We use a very low and slow roast profile to preserve this bean's delicate character.

Taste Descriptions: The chocolate bursts with flavours of citrus fruits, red berries and ripe raisins.





This plantation was once lost in the jungles of the Mata Altantica. Planted in the late 1950’s, it was sadly abandoned for a long period before thankfully falling into good hands in 2009. 

The new owners have re-created a village next to the plantation to house the 20 farmers they now employ. These farmers and their families call the village "paraiso". 

The farmers have worked hard to resurrect this plantation and are focused on preserving the original ‘parasinho’ ‘porto seguro’ and ‘almeida’ varietals.  These heirloom bloodlines contributed to the former glory of Bahia in the beginning of the 20th century as one of the world's great fine flavour cacao regions.

Taste Descriptions: The chocolate broods of mulled wine, fruit cake and bold chocolate notes.